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TESTING the Toolkit for chemical management

By Branko Dunjic October 17, 2017

I need your kind assistance in testing the accessibility of our newly launched IAMC Toolkit. 

After 3 years of work with the NCPCs from Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador and Colombia, we made a Toolkit whose official launch was performed on October 5 in Lima.

However, we received several info that, due to probably firewall settings on local servers, Toolkit couldn’t be accessed. Therefore, could you as RECPnet Member NCPCs please do the following:

In order to do the feedback more informative, please check the following links:


2) (this one as well, it is a secure web version)




It is important that colleagues in each country try to access the websites from different computers, different locations and networks. In case of troubles dispalying any of these websites, please provide at least the following informations:

1. Location where the connection was attempted (Country, city, center)
2. Network used (Wifi, cable, mobile, home based or office; and if possible the name of the internet provider):
3. OS (Windows, Linux or other):
4. Navigator (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet explorer, etc.):
5. Screenshot with the error displayed

We may need more information, but this will be determined in a case by case basis. Both is highly appreciated, positive (accessible) or negative (not accessible) answer.

Please send your feedback directly to BRANKO DUNJIC.

Thank you in advance,

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