RECP Assessment - Experiences at Kakanj Cement

Author: CENER21 November 26, 2017
Type:RECP Experience Study

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The Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) project in Kakanj Cement (Heidelberg Cement Group), a cement manufacturing industry, will achieve annual savings of EUR 689,977, with investment of EUR 642,392 and payback time of 11 months. Co-incineration of RDF as alternative fuel will contribute to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 11,5%. and ash waste reduction by 250 t/y, i.e 8,86 %. Application of the new system in the preparation of fuel for rotary kiln and installation of condensate recirculation system will result in water savings of 9,300 m3/y and gas savings of 521,008 m3/y.

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