CCS Bulletin - Activities Summary of CCS - Q4/2017

Author: Center for Creativity and Sustainability Study and Consultancy (CCS) January 15, 2018
Type:NEWS from member

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CCS presents his Activities Summary Report for Quarter 4/2017, which includes the following contents:

1. CCS successfully tested industrial continuous gasifiers
2. Eco-Innovation seminar toward sustainable development for paper / pulp and beverages industry enterprises
3. Green Street participated in Hanoi European environmental exhibition
4. Tu Tay Lam Het - a new reliable partner
5. Cricket’s Land- First business activities
6. Redworms - the lush nutrition resource for organic agriculture
7. Using herbs in cattle and poultry raising in Cricket’s Land
8. CCS submitted final report for Lower Mekong Initiative project

(Version in english and Vietnamese)

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