Agenda of RECP Finance Training in China

Author: CNCPC March 20, 2018

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United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and United Nations
Environmental Programme (UN Environment) has launched “Global Programme on
Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP)” which aims at promoting RECP
financing instruments and enhancing environmental benefits for enterprises. This
project “RECP Finance” falls under the umbrella of the global joint UNIDO-UN
Environmental RECP Programme, and is in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY) to
facilitate accesses to RECP funding mechanisms and at same time promoting finance
instruments for mainstreaming RECP into the operations of local manufacturing
enterprises in the five target countries which are Colombia, Morocco, India, China, and
South Africa, and the “Work stream: RECP Finance” in China is implemented by

Role and strategy of the government in creating a green financing environment
Presentation from Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), by LAI Xiaodong

China industry green development
Presentation from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), by GUO Tingzheng

Green finance promotes the development of green industry; 
Presentation from Beijing Association of Green Design and Green Manufacturing Promotion, by CHI Xiaoguang

Current trends, challenges and outlook regarding investments in RECP projects and SMEs from financial institution;
Presentation from International Finance Corporation (IFC), by MAO Hans

The role of development finance in constructing a green financial system;
Presentation from China Development Bank, by LU Hanwen

Reflections on the development of green finance based on the view of mutual
benefit between enterprise and bank;

Presentation from Heng Feng Bank, by WU Qi

Main challenges for financing RECP projects:
- Solutions for financing RECP projects (in general, and in the country)
- Role of NCPCs for facilitating the financing of RECP projects (and introduction of the databases and tools elaborated by EY)

EY presentation on the key findings of the primer, by Sandeep Pahal

Illustrations of two success stories
Presentations of RECP projects by SMEs :
- Description of the project (technical description, initial economic assessment,
expected results, etc.);
- Main steps for identifying, preparing and developing the project (actors
involved, main difficulties, etc.)
- Outcomes of the project (pay-back time, environmental impact, etc.);
- Exchange of concert and good local practices and lessons learned

One Site Visit (Beijing Hengtong Innovation Luxwood Technology Co., Ltd)

Preparation of bankable RECP projects (technical oriented training session with SMEs
and CNCPC – train the trainers)
Role of NCPCs for facilitating financing RECP projects
+ Presentation of tools and training exercises

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