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Michael (Adm) FEGERL

Name: Michael (Adm) FEGERL

Region: EECCA

Country: Austria

Institution: STENUM

Position: senior expert - SME trainer & consultant


Skype: michael.fegerl

If knowledge is the capital of this century, the language may be their currency.


Cross cultural knowledge communication

Why knowledge management secures added value potentials for projects and organizations.

In the EU-project SILMAS the partners have worked up many different topics. They have developed and documented considerable expertise. Project results derive from different administrative regions, different language communities, different competence domains and different parts of the Alpine region.

A series of tools of good practice is now available to put project results to work. These tools can be easily accessed from the syneris® knowledge communication platform. This platform has been organised relative to the following reference criteria:

Sustainability       to assure continuous knowledge development

Explicitness          to assure corporate knowledge development

Retrieval              to assure reliable discovery of requested knowledge resources

Accessibility         to assure access for users with different knowledge backgrounds.

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